Books I’m looking forward to – Spring 2014 edition

I have had a very busy year with many books to write and many books out, so I have been not blogging as much as I’d like. So I am trying, while there’s a little easing of the schedule, I thought it was time to talk about other books. Books I need to read. And I thought I’d split the list into books sitting on my Kindle or TBR pile that I need to get to and books coming out soon.

This is just a sampling. The true number of books in my TBR pile and on my wish list is possibly too horrifying to contemplate. I’d need shelves like these…

Bookshelf porn by Jules Morgan

So herewith, some objects of book lust:

Coming soon (or really not soon enough) books:

Captive Prince Volume 3  by C.S. Pacat (awesome political fantasy (M/M)…addictive stuff)

Anticipation – Sarah Mayberry (go read Satisfaction and then you’ll be hanging out too)

The King – Tiffany Reisz (love this series)

Deep – Kylie Scott (hot rock gods – get on board)

Rogue Spy – Joanna Bourne (historical regency spies and gooorrrrgggeous writing) (out November 4, thank goodness!)

Four nights with the Duke – Eloisa James (always fun, always witty, sexy regency)

The next Megan Whalen Turner book whenever it appears (Her Thief of Eddis series is fab, hanging out for the next book)

It started with a Scandal – Julie Anne Long (another awesome regency writer)

Whatever the next Kelly Hunter book is (Makes grabby hands and impatient toe tapping in the direction of Kelly)

Flirting with Disaster – Victoria Dahl (smokin’ contemporaries)

TBR books:

Burn For Me – Ilona Andrews. (New Ilona series. ‘Nuff said.)

A Flight of Magpies – KJ Charles (Victorian M/M fantasy)

Steles of the Sky – Elizabeth Bear (awesome epic fantasy series with wizards and mysterious horses and much coolness)

A Murder of Crows – Anne Bishop (really unique UF world)

Written in My Own Heart’s Blood – Diana Gabaldon (really really need a free three days or so to sit down and devour this. Outlander. Jamie Fraser. Say no more.)

The Madness Underneath – Maureen Johnson (YA paranormal verging on horror…so I need a bright sunny day to read it because parts of the first book were creeepppyyy)

The Ripper Affair – Lilith Saintcrow (alt-Victorian awesome mystery type series)

River of Stars – Guy Gavriel Kay (another big fat fantasy that I need a few days to devour. That and stealing myself for heartbreak. He always manages heartbreak.)

The Slow Regard of Silent Things – Patrick Rothfuss. (a big fat fantasy novella. Knowing Rothfuss his novellas are probably the length of normal books)

Heroes are my weakness – Susan Elizabeth Phillips (C’mon, she’s SEP!)

Shifting Shadows – Patricia Briggs (Mercy Thompson short stories. Yay!)

The Winter Bride – Anne Gracie (I am behind on my Anne Gracie. How did this happen?)

So there you go. As usual, too many books, not enough time and not enough time machines so I can get the ones I’m waiting on NOW! How about everyone else? What are you hanging out to read?

(The photo, “Bookshelf Porn” is copyright (c) 2014 Jules Morgan and made available under an Attribution 2.0 Generic license)


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The Shattered Court

And in more news from me….here’s the simply gorgeous cover for THE SHATTERED COURT which will be out April 28 2015.

TheShatteredCourt_Hi#7B5D14 copy

I note that right now (ie October 25), the kindle version is up for pre-order and is cheaper than usual.

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The Dark Side is out now

I’m happy to announce that there’s another M.J. book out in the wild. The Dark Side is out everywhere as of today. Info on where to buy here. This is book 2 in my Wild Side urban fantasy trilogy. If you haven’t read The Wolf Within (Book 1), then more on that here. It’s currently on sale for $1.99 (USD) and will be for another day or so. Happy reading (I’m off to have a glass of bubbly or something…this is book number seven…isn’t that supposed to be lucky?)!


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Playing on!

I’m very excited to announce that I’ve sold two more New York Saints books to St. Martins Press. Yay!

At the moment the titles are Playing Hard and Playing Fast and I don’t have publication dates yet so all of that good stuff to come when I know it.

For those who’ve read The Devil in Denim, book 4 will be Oliver Shields’ book and then book 5 features a guy we haven’t quite met yet….so he has to remain a mystery a little longer (don’t worry, I know who he is ;D)!

MS Series logo B-W

Very happy that I get to play in this world a bit longer!



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The Wolf Within on sale

To celebrate the upcoming release of The Dark Side, I’ve put the Wolf Within on sale for a few weeks for just $1.99 (USD). Links below! Snap me up while I’m cheap :D.

The Wolf Within (Kindle)

Google Play

iTunes (US)

iTunes (AUS)




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Continuing the cover appreciation

Lawless in Leather now has a cover too! And it’s pretty spectacular.

Lawless In Leather

You gotta love a good set of abs :D This bad boy will be coming to all good bookstores in May 2015. But don’t be sad. You can already buy one of his friends (check out The Devil in Denim here) and Angel in Armani is less than three months away!

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New cover – The Dark Side

THE DARK SIDE, Book 2 of The Wild Side trilogy, has a gorgeous cover!



At this stage, the book should be out middle of next month! Excerpt coming very very soon here.

PS Gorgeous cover design by Kim Killion at Hot Damn Designs

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Birthday winners!

Firstly, I’d like to say THANK YOU! to everyone who left lovely messages wishing me happy birthday. You’re all very cool people.

Secondly, I will report that I had a fabulous birthday.  I went to see Robbie Williams on my actual birthday and we lucked out with standing room tickets that put us very close to the man himself, resulting in much SQUEEING and trying to take pictures with my iPhone. If I’d known I’d get so close, I would’ve brought my bigger camera. Still, I got some nice shots.

Gotta_love_spending_birthday_night_with__robbiewilliams (1)



_robbiewilliams_say_no_more (1)


Then on Wednesday night I had dinner with some friends and got to eat this (note to the world, all birthday desserts should have flames!)



And then on Friday, against all expectations, my new toy (aka iPhone 6) was actually delivered on release day. So, all in all, a pretty good festival of Mel this year. I’m looking forward to the next year’s adventures.

And, as promised, to spread the fun around, I’m giving away some books. The winners of a book of your choice (either paper – signed, or e-book (as long as you live somewhere where e-book logistics work!) are:

Jen Schaper

Aubri Hayali

Jazmin Morales

Congratulations, gals! Just email me mel @ and books will wing their way to you.

PS If you do want an signed e-book, I can sign MJ and Melanie kindle books via AUTHORGRAPH. There’s a link in the sidebar of my MJ site.

PPS There will be some MJ book news in a day or so…stay tuned!

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Birthday giveaway!

It’s my birthday! Another trip around the sun completed. It’s been a pretty good one despite the busy busy busyness. And because birthdays are good and presents are good and books are good, I thought I’d give some books away to celebrate.

So up for grabs for three lucky peeps: 1 copy of any of my books (either MJ or Melanie) in either paperback (signed) or kindle version (kindle version only if you want The Wolf Within).  To enter comment here or on the FB pages where the post comes up!

Good luck. And eat some cake (but remember frosting and books don’t mix)!

Photo courtesy of D Sharon Pruitt under Creative Commons


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All the things are happening

Firstly, thank you to all the lovely people who have been reading and reviewing The Devil in Denim. You are all awesome!

Secondly Amazon picked Devil as one of their top Romance books of the month (so yay!)

Amazon Best books of the month copy

Right now, the kindle version is discounted (it shows up at $5.49 for me here in Oz, so I’m guessing the US price is around $5.10?) so this gorgeous butt:



is going cheap! You know you want him on your e-reader … :D

Thirdly, The Dark Side, book 2 of my urban fantasy trilogy, has gone off to be edited. I should have it back before the end of this month but because I have a book (The Shattered Court) due at the end of the month and a set of revisions (Lawless in Leather) due by then as well, I’m thinking I won’t get back to TDS until the start of October. So hopefully it will be out in the world by mid October! Sorry but sometimes all the publishing things converge and something has to give a little.

Fourthly I’ve seen the cover copy for both The Shattered Court and Lawless in Leather so that hopefully means there will be pretty pretty covers to share soon. Likewise, I should have the cover for The Dark Side to show you real soon now. I’m also working on another Wild Side thing which isn’t too far away, I hope. To whet the appetite a bit, here’s the blurb for The Dark Side (warning, slightly spoilery for The Wolf Within, so avert your eyes if you don’t want to know:

Monsters used to be just her day job. Now they’re her life.

Newly minted werewolf, Ashley Keenan, thought she’d faced her past when she got her revenge on McCallister Tate, the vampire who killed her family. She wants to build a future with her fiancé, FBI agent and fellow werewolf, Daniel Gibson, but it seems the past isn’t done with her yet. For one thing, she still owes a debt to the vampire who controls Seattle, a fact that doesn’t sit well with Dan. And for another, she knows that McCallister Tate didn’t work alone … and his friends are still out there.

When a vicious attack on the anniversary of her parent’s death leaves her best friend infected with an aggressive new strain of vampirism, Ash is sucked into the fight to save her and to stop a plague of vampires overrunning humanity. It’s a fight that quickly turns deadly when the ones controlling the new vampires decide that Ashley’s family secrets might hold the key to their success—and that the only way to get to those secrets is through Ash herself. To save herself, her friend, and maybe even the world, Ash has to embrace her werewolf abilities, call on some dangerous allies, and take a walk on the dark side …

And now back to writing all the things so that all of the above keeps happening! Have a great weekend, everyone!

P.S. If you’re a reviewer and are interested in reviewing The Dark Side (or The Wolf Within), contact me mel @!


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