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A Year in Books – Lucky 13

Another interesting year in the world, about which maybe the less said the better. But thank goodness there are always books to provide distraction, entertainment, information and joy. I might not have blogged a lot but I can't break with tradition. So, for the...

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State of the Mel #11 and a new book!

Every so often I do one of these posts, mostly for new followers at various places to catch folks up on who I am, what I do and an update for everyone on what I'm working on. It's been a while because 2017 had the crazy writing schedule, a back injury, a broken arm...

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Want a free read?

So I am working away on The Unbound Queen (book three of The Four Arts series) but sometimes the muse needs a bit on the side to play with so I've also been toying with an urban fantasy and have decided to publish it bit by bit on Wattpad. It's called Wicked Games and...

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A year in books #12

Most of us were fairly glad to see the back of 2016. Apparently 2017 took that as some sort of challenge to continue to give us all a hard time. It is not going down as my fave year in history. I had injuries and my darling dad passed away and other life shizz went on...

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No Place Like You is out today!

It's release day for No Place Like You, the third Cloud Bay book. Hope you enjoy Zach and Leah's story! If you like reunion romances, rockstars or doughnuts, this one's for you 😀 Grab a copy...

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Release day for The Forbidden Heir!

Yippee! The Forbidden Heir is out today! I hope you all enjoy this next instalment of Sophie and Cameron's adventures. Grab a copy at: Amazon iBooks Kobo Nook Play The paperback is also available at Amazon and I'll post again they start appearing elsewhere. If you're...

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A Season Of You is out!

It's release day for A Season Of You, Book 2 in my Cloud Bay series. It features cute dogs, art, whiskey and a lovely hero. Grab a copy at  Amazon B&N iBooks Kobo Books A Million Google Book Depository If you haven't tried the Cloud Bay series yet, you might want to...

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The Forbidden Heir is up for pre-order

Yay! The Forbidden Heir will be released on November 7 and is the e-book is up for pre-order (paperbacks to follow). You can pre-order at: Amazon iBooks Kobo Nook Play I'll post again when the paperbacks are available to order. If you're a blogger who is interested in...

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Need You Now is out today!

Need You Now, the first of my Cloud Bay series, writing as Emma Douglas is out today! Go forth and purchase (links below the pic). And you might like to check out the playlist I used writing the book on Spotify. Amazon B&N iBooks Kobo Books A Million Google Book...

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Famous last words

Well, on my last post I said I was going to try to blog more. And then I promptly got sick with a horrible chest infection. I was coughing so hard they thought I had whooping cough (I didn't). The cough went away but apparently I coughed hard enough to annoy my back...

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