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So I write. I write romance in various forms and the muse has lately expressed an interest in throwing some fantasy into the mix so we’ll see how that goes. I’m not yet published but making progess or so I like to think.

I’ve got a great crit group and some great writing buddies. And hopefully we’ll all have a great 2006. Hopefully the stars are favourable. Speaking of stars…

So I have this friend – she shall remain nameless but she’s the one who was born 8 whole days before me and therefore shall forever be older than me. Yay her. The other reason this is good is that we are very similar. The sort of similar where we can end up rolling on the floor laughing our butts off for ten minutes over just a look we exchange when no-one else in the room gets the joke. Quite possibly they don’t get the joke because no-one without the particular type of weird virgo brain that we have would think there even IS a joke. She’s the twin sister you have when you’re not having a twin sister.

I never really believed in that whole astrology thing until I met her. Our lives are scarily similar even though we didn’t meet until we were both over thirty. Apart from the whole she managed to get someone to marry her bit and I am still apparently free as a bird. We think the same a lot of the time even though she is, tragically, more inclined to sappiness than me. And weird coincidences happen to us ALL THE TIME. ALL THE TIME. I blame the stars. There was the time we both bought new track pants. For a trip we were going on. We shopped separately. We didn’t discuss the fact we were going to buy track pants. And we bought the same ones.

Things like this happen frequently and if you don’t believe me – how’s this –

I was reading joshilyn jackson’s blog. She’s very funny. You
should check it out. Um, it’s called Faster than Kudzu and I haven’t yet figured out how to link so that’s all you’re getting. Because I was procrastinating madly, I was reading her archives where she mentioned a form of exercise called ‘yoga booty ballet’. As if, right? I mean who would even think up such a thing??

I checked out the link and it exists (and it looks kind of fun). I knew the virgo twin was looking for a yoga class to do, so as a joke sent her the link.

And here’s the reply I get back (bear in mind we both live in AUSTRALIA).

“I **AMAZINGINGLY** picked up a pamphlet for these guys while I was
waiting at a bus stop in LA outside one of their studios. The pamphlet is in my bedroom ”

Them stars. They’re spooky.

And now, given that my page count for today so far is approximately 2 paragraphs of editing, I have to stop playing with this and go write.

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