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Or rather I don’t like Sunday nights when the work brain seems to kick back in and present me with longs lists of things to do during the week. It’s a virgo thing.

And there are never any good movies on Sunday nights to distract you.


Writing wise I’ve crept up to around 21 pages, 1 and a bit chapters of the new wip. Not great but not bad. And I have written every day this week. It’s coming in fits and starts – bits of dialogue then the scene stalls and I have to go away and do something else before I can come back and fill it all in. So there’s lots of polishing and expanding as I go at the moment. I wish the girls would settle on one process. They jump all over the place – some books I can do chronologically, some in bits and pieces until they reach a critical mass, one (and only one so far) from a synopsis. Some where scenes spring fully fleshed onto the page and others where I get the talking and it takes ages to visualise what else is going on.

It would be nice to settle on one way or another so I know what to expect but it doesn’t work that way.

But this wip seems to be starting to take shape. I have a general idea what happens. It’s a reunion story which is always interesting. I like the idea of what happens when the one who got away comes back. Of rediscovery.

In other news, I saw The Producers on friday night. Over the top, as one expects from Mel Brooks. Nathan Lane was fab but I wasn’t huge on Matthew Broderick’s performance. I’m sure it’d work great in a theatre but it needed to come down a notch or two. But there was some very funny stuff.

On the other goal front, much walking done (mostly in the name of getting the car serviced) but on the other hand, much chocolate eaten at critting and the movies. Hopefully the former outweighs the latter.

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