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Having lots of story ideas is a good thing. Having four books talking loudly in your head, not so much. Usually I get odd snippets of characters from the next book or two in line but they’re mostly content to wait their turn and whoever gets sick of waiting starts talking loudest and that’s the book that gets written.

But at the moment, there are three books taking turns to swim up and shout at me. And none of them sticking around long enough to get more than a scene or two down before the next one demands a turn. Lots of snippets, each one wanting a different approach and three distinctly different genres. With two more lurking on the fringes throwing up comments. My muse, it seems, has ADD. Or else the girls are having one hell of a party down in the basement.

To which I say, party on but can we pick something? Or not. Whatever works for them. I just wish I felt like I was progressing, which is hard when you get bits and pieces all over the place and an overall sense of the book is just hanging out of reach. Frustrating but better than the alternative of deadly silence.

I guess I have to go with the flow. Even when the flow is more like white water than an easy, peaceful current.

And if you want to see a good love story with two great performances by the leads, head off to see Walk the Line. Joaquin and Reese rock!

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