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So. Some progress. Spent much of the weekend noodling on the jigsaw book. Playing with bits and trying to get a grip on the world. Also did a brain dump/synopsis/outline on one of the other wips which is still very rough but helped me figure out what went wrong with these two in the past (it’s a reunion story) and that helped me figure out what the conflict is (well, mostly). It’s given me a bit more of a sense of direction so hoping to have a partial done soon to give to some wiser heads for critting.

Otherwise, it’s uneventful. Have been on a Joss lovin’ streak, watching Firefly and awaiting my Serenity dvd’s arrival from Ezydvd. How come Keri’s got hers already when you shipped ’em both on the same day and we live in the same freakin’ city? Huh? Answer me that Australia Post. I also, being a lame-o Joss geek, bought the official Serenity companion with the shooting script. I like reading scripts to see how the writer originally envisioned a story and what got cut in the release. I’m hoping a lot of what was snipped will be in the extra features because there’s some great Mal/Inara moments for us hopeless romantics (oh come on, those breeches, those boots, that face? He’s hot. Even if, as my brother says “but he was so evil in Buffy”. : ) Forget Caleb, it’s Mal all the way). And if you were going to have a girl crush then Morena ain’t bad either. Joss is a man who understands world building. And story. And music. And character and, well, okay, I so need to buy the Joss Whedon is my master tee now. So hurry up Australia Post. I guess I’ll have to break out the Buffy to hold me until then.

Saw Brokeback Mountain on the weekend. To which I say “okay”. It’s a good story but long on the meaningful looks and pretty scenery. I’m not sure what all the fuss is about. I also bought one fantasy by an author I’ve heard good things about (no, I’m not saying who, it’s my opinion only and ymmv) but it was a lesson in what not to do in worldbuilding. To make up for it I bought Poison Study by Maria V Snyder and really enjoyed it. Interesting mix of military dictatorship, magic, spies, some romance and intrigue. And a great cover. It’s the second Luna I’ve read and the second I’ve liked so keep doing what you’re doing, Luna.

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