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Well, this week has turned out to be not so good for writing. Busy days at work, followed by a family drama thursday morning that wrote off my day off on friday and saturday. Apart from finding some good hand stretches, writing progress, approximately 1 line thought of drifting off to sleep last night. On the other hand I did listen to Joss make mucho sense about story choices and other general geniusness on the Serenity commentary which I was listening to in the background while doing housework last night. (Do I know how to party on a Saturday or what?)

Today was my crit group meeting so that at least is writing related but not actual writing of the producing words kind. Still much fun was had, much good work critted, one imminent bub celebrated, two puppy updates received, one report of cute medicos in the Ferntree Gully region and one weirdo naturopathic diet tested (kudos to the virgo friend for willpower above and beyond the call of the female love of chocolate in the face of not one but two boxes of mint slice balls and assorted other temptations). And I acquired a Robbie Williams calendar for a bit of inspiration (thank you Borders bargain calendar prices). Still total writing progress approximately one line and a few ideas for tweaking the pages I had critted.

Tonight will be playing catch up on the various weekend adminish type tasks necessary to keep the house running and balls in the air for the coming week. Projected writing, still zero. Sigh. And sigh again. But there is NOTHING on TV (unless there’s any iceskating on the Winter Olympics coverage), so if I zip through some stuff and manage to wake up from my too much sugar and junk induced energy slump, maybe I could do a page or two.

Otherwise, new goal for next week – finish chapter three and get this sucker of a partial in shape. Onwards and upwards as they say.

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