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Well, I’m back from the Gold Coast. And my house was not flooded in the big storm Melbourne had on Saturday, so that’s a plus.

The weekend was high on the fun and hard work but low on the swanning around or writing opportunities. But it was great to see all the committee faces again and nut out some stuff which is much easier in person. The apartment we stayed at was loverly (with a beautiful view of the beach) and the hotel for the conference looks great too. It’s going to be fun. Roll on August (which, judging by the fact it’s almost freakin’ March already, will be here before we know it).

Sadly, being in Queensland at this time of year, only confirmed my belief that I couldn’t live there in summer. It’s too darn humid. Winter though….

Keri’s signing went very well and no, my copy of FMR did not arrive on Thursday. I’m sure it will be waiting for me at work tomorrow. I did manage to limit myself to three books at Rosemary’s which is some kind of minor miracle for me spending four hours in a great book store (I did add quite a few more to my “I must read that” list) but have so far only read half of one of them on the plane. We work hard, we committee gals. So more on those when they’re done.

Last week I read, amongst other things, Temaraire by Naomi Novik, which is kind of Horatio Hornblower with Dragons and a great read. If they make a movie, I vote for Ioan to play Will. The US title is His Majesty’s Dragon which I think is a fab title. Hopefully there will be more in the series.

And now, to write.

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