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The muse hardly ever cooperates fully. I’m creeping along onto the end of my three chapters but this book is turning out to be a bit angstier than I was expecting. Which makes me laugh because the last time I tried to sit down and write a more angsty hero it turned into the book from hell and I still haven’t gotten it right. But this guy, he’s definitely got some brooding going on.

Interesting. Plus the muse was throwing up snippets from yet another wip during the week, one I was hoping would stay quiet for a while longer. No such luck. Hopefully this weekend will consist of writing and lots of sleeping. The combination of last weekend’s early mornings and late nights and a busy week with a bit of a cold has left me kinda tired. Slept almost twelve hours last night so that should help catch me up a bit. This little gal needs her sleep or the results ain’t pretty.

I did manage to read two of the books I bought last weekend. One was the Lion’s Daughter by Loretta Chase, which is a re-release of an earlier book and good fun (but my heart still belongs to Mr Impossible) and the other was Moon Called by Patricia Briggs which was great. I’ve read some of her straight fantasy stuff before and enjoyed it (Dragon Blood and Dragon Bones in particular) and Moon Called is an excellent leap into urban fantasy (I’m having a great run with fantasy at the moment, yay) with a great heroine and two potential heroes who are both kind of cool.
More please!

Next on the list is Full Moon Rising (finally), a book which I have read snippets of in crit sessions and am dying to read straight through. There goes my Saturday night : ) !

PS I’m stealing Keri’s idea which she stole from someone else (the internet, it’s great lol) of keeping track of my reading for the year. Unless it gets out of hand…

PPS We’re now several weeks into rating season for TV. Here’s an update. I love House, Medium, NCIS. Will keep watching – ER. Undecided – Commander in Chief (it’s no West Wing but I’ve only seen one episode). On probation – Lost (given it clashes with Medium and now, (yay ABC) my beloved West Wing, it needs to pick up fast to keep my attention (or some naked Sawyer might do it) I can be shallow).

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