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Well okay, there’s not really guns but it sounds good!

Firstly the Oscars, a recap.

1. Blondes should stop wearing yellow. It didn’t work for Renee, it didn’t work for Kate and it didn’t work for Michelle. Yellow is a hard colour to wear and, imho, it does nothing for pale blondes. Of course, all dresses have to be given the benefit of the doubt that they might look better in person that in photos or on TV but yellow, ugh.

2. George Clooney is hot.

3. Keira looked great (plus yay, P&P now out on DVD in Australia. My copy is sitting on top of my TV calling to me).

4. Rachel Weisz looks great pregnant.

5. George Clooney is hot.

6. Good makeup on Jennifer A.

7. Naomi and Nicole need to start wearing colour and stop swapping boring beige and white dresses with each other. Any colour but yellow. There’s so many pretty colours. Try a few. Look at Keira. And Nicole, you looked great in the chartreuse when your hair was darker….

8. George Clooney is hot.

9. Yay, Reese, you rocked in that movie.

10. George Clooney is hot.

And that about wraps it up for Oscar. I missed the red carpet, I was at pilates. And I didn’t watch it all, I was sleepy.

For the money portion of our instalment. Pets. Cost. Money. The grey cat has decided that epilepsy alone is not enough entertainment value, no, she needs more. So she’s added hyperthyroidism to the mix. Only mild but it means more tablets and regular bloods tests. And blood work for pets costs slightly less than one of those dresses work by the Oscars gals (okay, slight exaggeration but sheesh, next time I’m getting the pet insurance). Eventually it might mean surgery (which does cost the same as an Oscar dress). At least she’s not too bad about the whole pilling thing (though this may change once it changes to twice a day and bigger pills than her weeny epilepsy one). Though it concerns me that the pill bottle says “wear gloves when handling”…am I going to absorb this stuff through my skin or are they making safety recommendations based on the general feline population’s dislike of pills? I guess I can ask my vet when I take the orange cat in for his quarterly shot of liquid gold- I mean, anti inflammatory.

And now to writing. I finished my three chapters. Yay. So now they are resting a bit and I can play on something else while my backbrain works out the rest of the story. Let’s see what the muse fixes on this time…maybe there’ll be a gun ; )

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