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Turns out it’s or else. Which in this case has translated to lots of cleaning (always a sign of avoidance ; ) ), not enough sleeping and dinner out last night with friends. Then we went to see Match Point. Interesting. I don’t get Woody Allen. Or rather I don’t connect with his dialogue rhythms. They jar me. So hmmm.

I have a thing about dialogue. And a thing about rhythm. And when they don’t work for me it’s the equivalent of hearing or watching someone scraping nails down a blackboard. Lots of wincing. There are some writers I just can’t read or really have to wade through the writing to read. It’s a rhythm thing and when it’s wrong, it’s wrong. Others I sail right along with no problems and the best are the ones where it feels completely right.

I thought Jonathan Rhys-Myers did a good job at playing a disturbing character. And now I need to watch Bend It Like Beckham again to get evil Jonathan out of my mind.

Other things filling the not writing space have been contemplation of my house. And things I want to do to it. I so should stop watching Oprah when Nate Berkus is on. He’s gorgeous, he’s talented and he makes me look at my place and go “I need to do this, and this, and this, and this”. Only problem is Oprah does not then come along and give me the bucket load o’money I need to do these things. Or the cute designer to do it all for me.

Maybe in that other life. The one where I have the harem and the big house.

In other news, Aussies have made a stellar showing in the Golden Heart (go Karen and Christine) and Rita finals. Particularly Bron Jameson with a triple!!! final and Marion Lennox with a double. Also up are Lilian Darcy and Anne Gracie. Anne’s book A Perfect Rake is one of my faves from last year.

Go Aussie go!

Okay, back to looking for my own rhythm now.

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