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It’s almost Easter. Five day weekend. Yippee. Writing time. Chocolate. Hot cross buns. mmmmm. And a lulu meeting. Hopefully we will be happy writers after that.

Though some restraint must be exercised or we’ll be hot cross writers from being unable to fit into our jeans. But I love love love hot cross buns. I’m a bit of a bread freak anyway, I love yeasty doughy things. And hot cross buns are high on the list. Easter eggs I can take or leave but warm, hot cross buns with real butter. Yum.

So yay, it’s Wednesday and tomorrow is the last day of the week. Plus tonight is House night. Re-run House night due to the vagaries of the Australian TV programmers but House all the same. So I’d better knuckle down before then.

I did have a point when I started this blog. What was it again? Right. Today, one of my online groups was asked the question of what they think their muse looks like. Interesting stuff. I know there are writers who scoff at the idea of a muse, and I agree with them that you can’t sit around waiting for inspiration or the muse to strike you before you do the work and often the ideas flow better when you just sit in the darn chair and write. But I DO believe creativity is not an entirely mundane process because there are times when writing is almost an altered state of being. And times when you look back at something you’ve written and it feels like the work of someone or something else. That’s the muse. The mysterious in the writing process. And everyone’s process is different but I hope all writers have some of those magical spine tingling moments.

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