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Well Keri called her post Stuff or Stuffed, so I will continue her theme. Cos stuffing around is what I have been doing today instead of writing.

I have done the laundry, I have taken the folks’ mac mini to the mac doctor (get well soon little mac mini), I have done my grocery shopping and I have surfed the net, eaten an easter egg and read InStyle. Then, just as I was thinking about maybe doing some actual writing, I made a fatal error, I decided to check out Library Thing, something I have been resisting for a while. To quote Pretty Woman, ‘big mistake – HUGE’. lol

Talk about your perfectly designed to be a time sink for virgos-who-love-books site. 2 hours and over two hundred books already entered (which worries me because I haven’t gotten terribly far in the collection) and a life membership purchased and I’m loving it. I’ve always worried about the book collection in terms of how do I prove what I had if my house burnt down? Well, this is the answer. I mean, books are my main extravagance in terms of what I spend my money on, so it makes sense to keep a record. It’s not like I have millions of books, but I’m guessing I have well over a thousand. At a conservative replacement cost of $20 AUD for the paperbacks and maybe $45 for the hardbacks, that’s a lot of spondoolas if someone torched the place. (I’m just doing the math now and yikes, I think I’ve freaked myself out – of course, they didn’t all cost that when I bought them, once upon a time paperbacks were a reasonable price in this country, and some were second hand and some are gifts and the collection has been building since I was 10 or so but still!!!)

Note to the universe, no-one is to torch my house, please. At least now, I’ll have a record. And I guess I’ll have to limit myself to entering a shelf at a time or something.

Enough with the guilt. Off to write. For the first time ever I’ve gone over my data allowance on my internet for the month so I’m stuck with snail speed for the next two days. Grumble.

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