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This week has been a good week. There have been Amazon shipments (Don’t Look Down, yippeeee), there have been Brain Sync shipments (the meditation stuff is going very well, great in fact, I can highly recommend them and the Walking Meditation one is freaky – I can go twice as long on my elliptical trainer when listening to it – so lots of thumbs up there), there have been Krispy Kremes, there have been nice dinners cooked by the VT and her hubby (proving once and for all he is a chef), there have been Spooks episodes, courtesy of Quickflix and there has been a full request.

Due to the last of these, there has also been writing. Go me.

Plus tomorrow is the start of May. That means only three and a half weeks until I go to Kara and have 11 days off. I refuse to think about the fact that I have to fit a months worth of work day job wise into the 14 working days I have. It will work out somehow. Holidays – yay.

Now all I have to do is figure out what to buy the folks for their wedding anniversay (40 years – that’s a LONG time) and I’ll be set.

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