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Sorry for the Oklahoma, I saw Hugh last night in X3. Good stuff. And Chris and Robbie are coming to town….mmmmm.

To steal an exercise from Barbara Samuel….

Today in Melbourne it’s a beautiful, crisp, sunny winter morning. The sky is a brilliant blue that would fool you into thinking it’s summer if you couldn’t feel the chill. The sort of day we don’t get many of once winter settles into its stride.
It looks warm but the air is cool enough to make my hands and face feel slightly numb as I walk, despite the fact I’m sweating under my raspberry pink parka vest. Everything smells clean, faintly icy.

At the vet’s, there’s a fearless tiny black kitten who is firmly focused on stalking and killing her toy ball, leaping and bounding like a miniature panther, only pausing when she leaps into her water bowl and gets her paws wet. She doesn’t even blink when dogs who must be twenty times her size decide to bark and snarl at her. She’s got her eyes on the prize. She’s my new role model. She reminds me of a black cat I used to own. I’d love to take her home with me but I think the votes of the grey and orange inhabitants of my house would be firmly negative.

Walking back, parrots and magpies chase each other through the gum trees and every thing is bright and sparkling. The grass is still wet with dew and gleams in the sun. In summer the way I walk is lined with gardens full of roses and other flowers to stop and sniff. There aren’t many things blooming at the moment – odd patches of colour from the camellias and lavender and daisies and native flowering plants – and some trees still hanging on to the last of the autumn reds and oranges. But all the plants look lush and green – contented somehow as if they are taking a well-deserved rest to curl their toes into the earth and wait for spring. Everyone out walking is smiling. It’s that kind of day. I wonder what else it will bring?

I have a lot to do today. Last day of my week off. I’ve had a great week, writing and shopping and lunching with writer friends. I’ve worked hard. But I’ve played too. The sort of week that confirms that I really do want to do this. This life suits me. Suits my rhythms. So I need to be like the black kitten. Fearless in pursuit of a goal. Dreams make life richer, brighter. Make every day seem sparkly like today. So why not chase them?

Happy pouncing!

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