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Ended up with 12 pages yesterday, another 12 today. Plus assignments done. I’m officially 2/3 of the way through if it turns out as long as my books usually are. Not sure it will though. Still it’s nice to be heading downhill with a reasonable idea of the rest of the book. Hopefully another week’s hard slog will get me there. This is the part where I turn into a hermit, so to all the friends out there, apologies in advance if I’m awol this week.

On a writing break (a break, I tell you, not procrastinating : ) ) I hopped over to C.E. Murphy’s blog. She was talking about how she doesn’t see “pictures” in her head. Fascinating. Imagine thinking without pictures. Let alone writing novels. And she does great descriptions.

Now, I don’t see my stories like a movie playing in my head like some people do, in fact, a lot of the time, it’s like hearing a movie, with a bad picture. I’m good with the dialogue but often have to concentrate hard to get the images, like tuning the focus. Those times, I get the conversations down then go back and replay to watch the action. Other times, it is like a movie, with all five senses. But I can’t imagine not having the images at all…that would make things tough.

Just goes to show everyone does this writing thing differently. Hopefully my movies will keep on rolling this week!

On another note, I read The Barbed Rose by Gail Dayton this weekend. Another good Luna, the sequel to the Compass Rose. A very unusual world where polygamy is the norm. A happily polygamous heroine…you don’t often see that! I’m firmly in the Luna camp, they do great work. I just wish we got more of them here, they seem to trickle through in dribs and drabs and as usual, well after they come out in the US. Sigh.

This week I’m treating myself to The Perfect Stranger by Anne Gracie (and possibly other goodies lurking in Rendezvous). Anne is a great writer and a great person, and I’m looking forward to heading back into her story world.

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