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Melbourne has decided to turn on some sunshine for the weekend. We’ve had three or four beautifully sunny days in a row. Still cold but almost cold without an edge like an early spring day. Which probably means that things are about to turn and we’ll have a month of freezing cold, rainy, windy, gloomy days just to remind us where we live but for today, the sun is shining and you don’t need 10 layers of clothing.

News on the writing front is still slow. A fortnight working more hours than I care to think about in the day job (though they were productive hours) have rendered the girls into a state something approaching tired three year olds. They’re whiny, they need a nap or five and they want to be entertained. Friday was my day off and sleeping, reading (apparently they required a Daemon fix) and lounging were high on the priority list. Yesterday they wanted to do something fun and pretty so I wandered around the quilting and craft show sucking down colour and creativity. Some of the quilts are just gorgeous…as much as the thought of teeny tiny stitches does make me kind of worried, I’m kind of leaning towards giving it a go one day. I like the idea of playing with so many colours…so now there’s something new on the list of things to try when life gets slightly less crazy aka after the book is done, after work calms down, after conference! Then I can haul the sewing machine out of exile and see what happens.

I’m hoping the combination of friday and yesterday are enough to coax the girls into doing some actual work today (though there is still a large vote for napping going on). We’ll see. After lunch perhaps.

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