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Sunday again. The book is done and in the mail…so now we wait. The new book is so far playing nicely. Except I was writing after work on Friday while waiting to go and see the ridiculously gorgeous and talented Hugh in the Boy from Oz and the scene was whizzing along nicely and then I forgot to send it home to myself. So then I had to decide whether to try and remember what I was doing and do the rest of the scene and have it go pear-shaped or whether to leap to the next bit I knew.

Unfortunately in the middle of dithering I thought “maybe I’ll just watch an episode of BSG” (Ezydvd having come through with Season 2 on Friday. Big mistake. Story is kind of my crack. And when I get one I love, one which I can access to big uninterrupted chunks of and it’s GOOD, and good people are doing heroic things and not so bright things and bad things are happening, villains abound and the stakes are high, then ooops, there goes most of a day.

So today it’s write first, chores next then play with the nice dvd machine.

In between wondering where all the men like Hugh might be hiding. Sigh and sigh again. Any man who can be playing a gay man and prancing round in gold lame and come off as funny, handsome, nice, talented and absolutely 300% SMOKING HOT, is my kind of guy. Every woman in the audience wanted to be Len from Frankston who got to dance with Hugh (and made him crack up completely which was also adorable). Hugh also proved the theory, started by Chris Isaak, that mirror ball suits look great on hot guys. I’ve seen Hugh a few times now live and every time he delivers. And he’s Australian so there’s gotta be more like that in the gene pool somewhere.

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