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So the book has continued to talk, there has also been birthday parties (I’m old!), birthday lunches, mid-week dinners with friends, work and general everything taking longer because of the sore thumb. Which is much better now and down to only a bandaid.
There has also been Melbourne playing a little game we like to call “what the hell will the weather be like today (or in the next five minutes)?”. One minute it’s beautiful and sunny (30 degrees!! in early spring!!), the next it’s cold and blustery. Typical spring, yes but everyone is walking around vaguely tired and grumpy as a result.

Anyway, I got to Friday (my day off), full of good plans to write at least 10 pages. But instead my brain declared it was rest day. So I shopped (the new Fashion Targets Breast Cancer t-shirt – the symbol is gold (I don’t wear gold but it’s a good cause) and some SK-II to try (just a little trial kit). My skin can be quite sensitive so we’ll see how it goes…Cate Blanchett has awesome skin though, so lets hope it works (after all, I’m old). Then I watched S5 of Gilmore Girls. The one which Channel 9 (yes, I’m looking at you, Eddie) showed about 7 episodes of earlier this year and then just stopped (because they can, that’s why). It was really good. One bit made me cry : ) So um, that was Friday. Yesterday there was ballet and I’m happy to report it was much improved over the last one. And some Gilmore Girls S3 (there has been a purchasing Gilmore Girls DVDs theme to the month). I got some entries ready for some comps and wrote a few pages. I think this book has a theme! Go me.

But today I have to get back to writing. I’ve got four specific things that have to happen before the end of the book. Just not sure how I get from a to b to c to d. But I can do it. Then comes revising which the brain is already kind of chatting about in a “you need to put in more about x after y way”. Hopefully I’ll be done with the first draft by the end of the week. Then some folks can read it and see how much work it really needs. My first long book. Almost done. And that’s a good feeling.

PS Apparently when you google cat vomit and australia, my blog comes up. That’s what I want to be known for lol. But for leigh ann, I replied to your comment but in case any one else is wondering the Cavalier Bremworth carpet cleaner does a pretty good job.

PPS Next month “Wife for a Week” by Kelly Hunter is out. It’s great. Funny, witty, romantic. Go read it.

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