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It’s been one of those weeks. Busy at work. Trying to do the exercise thing (someone needs to invent the 1 minute total workout lol). Out Thursday night (and not sleeping so well cos of weird 36 degree day in October!!), out last night, two things on to today and that’s not counting the driving home to the folks after I have done everything else. All good catching up and talking book and critting stuff but I need a nap already and it’s only 8.30! Thank God for caffeine.

But I will be hauling the laptop home to get stuck into the wolf first revision now that I’ve had some noodling time and some feedback. Plus I went crazy and entered it in the GH so I need a pretty decent draft by early November to meet the entry deadline. Then I’ll figure out what to work on next.

A writer’s work is never done : )

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