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Well, it’s Melbourne Cup day today. Which is a public holiday in Melbourne and yippee! Cup Day tends to come in two flavours, given its timing in late Spring. Stinking hot or chilly and wet. Today, because I am going to a bbq, it is so far chilly not yet wet. Maybe it will fine up a bit. But before the bbq there are choc cinnamon muffins to make to take with me, a walk and some writing to be done. My revision is slow so far, mainly because the first part of the book is the biggest chunk of pure rewrite but am starting to come to grips with this new twist on the story. Hopefully the rest will come quicker.

In other news….Chris Isaak is still hot (but you knew that already, I’m sure) and his show was a blast. That voice. Sigh. But the only one of his cds that I can’t get to play on my mac so I can put it on my iPod is, of course, the one with the song I want for the book soundtrack…and it’s not on the aussie iTunes store either. Grumble. So hot but unappreciated by iTunes in this country apparently. It’s on the US store. But not having a US credit card, that doesn’t help me. And me singing the song doesn’t have the same impact : ) The VT’s PC doesn’t like her copy either so I think it must be one of those copy protected things…it came out about the time they were doing that. Dumb record companies. I’m all for protecting copyright, hey I’m a writer, but I should be able to listen to a cd I have bought on my computer and my iPod.

And now off to make muffins…may your horse run the fastest!

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