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I was intending to copy Jenny Crusie and list some 2007 Indulgences (go read her blog to get the low down) but given my day so far has tended to bank inspired crankiness, I might have to do that later.

I could do a list of top five annoyances. At the moment it would read Banks. Banks. Banks. Banks and ….you guessed it…Banks. Grrr. It’s remarkable how banks never make mistakes when you’re doing something that increases your debts but seem to be terribly slow and error prone when you’re reducing them. Humph. And bah humbug to them. Hopefully it will be sorted out soon and I can stop wishing for a zombie doll of a certain bank.

In the meantime I am taking out my energy on throwing stuff out in an attempt to have a clutter reduced 2007. We’ll see.

More later as my mood improves!

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