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Okay. Stuff tossed. Lunch and relaxing music and aromatherapy applied. Mood improved. Now I can think about fun things…..

2007 Indulgences (idea courtesy of Jenny Crusie)

1. Things that smell good. Aromatherapy, perfume, flowers, lotions and potions. I find scent can really lift my mood so daily applications of yummy aromas.

2. Relaxation. More massages (I think I managed a whole 1 in 2006 so topping that shouldn’t be hard lol). More meditation. More naps or couching with my story fix in whatever form when I need it.

3. Girly stuff. More facials, manicures, pedicures, spa days, makeovers and pampering whether at home or elsewhere. If it includes hanging out with the gals, even better. If we can also add pink champagne, perfection!

4. More music, particularly live music. Every time I go to a concert I remember how much I love the sensation of loud live music, basses vibrating through your chest, singers pouring their hearts into songs and the energy of the crowd. And it doesn’t have to be the ginormous stadium variety. More musical adventures in general but some more live stuff in particular. If there’s dancing involved even better. Singing along goes without saying.

5. Do some fun short courses or whatever that have nothing to do with writing. Something weird and wonderful just because it sounds cool. Rope some of the gals into trying them too!

6. Cook more. Try new recipes, both healthy and indulgent. 3 or 4 a month. Traipse around some markets and experiment.

7. A real vacation even if it’s a long weekend or something. Most of my leave tends to be writing related these days…so a trip somewhere that isn’t.

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