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The weather finally co-operated last night and I got to see the comet. Not as big and bright as it was earlier but still a real live comet with a long, long tail that flickered in and out with the misty night. Much more impressive than Haley’s comet which was around when I was about 15. And looked like a teeny, tiny fuzzy cotton ball through a telescope. Very disappointing after I’d grown up hearing my grandmother talk about seeing it when she was a kid and it being a huge ball in the sky.

The universe is full of cool stuff.

PS Happy birthday to the orange cat. In the last year you lost teeth, lost anal glands, got to be a grumpy bucket head twice, hurt your tail, slept through the night maybe 6 times (most of those when you were on drugs), threw up on my carpet quite a bit, yowled even more than that, purred like a bandit a lot, shed hair on my clothes whenever possible, followed me round, stalked the fence, yelled at the backyard, harrassed the grey cat, warmed my lap, nibbled my nose and provided hours of entertainment. All in all, a cat’s job well done.

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