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So the year seems to be speeding up already. January is almost over, I’m four weeks in to my course with Barbara Samuel, work has gotten over the post Christmas quiet time with a vengeance, Connex are cancelling trains all over the shop and the days, to quote Calvin & Hobbes, are just packed.

The weekend involved much reading, not so much of the beach due to last minute appearing head cold. Baby admiring and catching up has been duly postponed to this weekend. There was other stuff, stuff that is classified as very good stuff, fantastic stuff even, but more on that at a later date.

So now it’s working out the writing for the year. A plan and all. Wolf number 2 seems to be demanding attention. It would be helpful of it to let me know a bit more about what it’s about but I have enough to get started. There is apparently a bad guy bigger and badder than the bad guy in number 1. Given that in the writing of the bad guy in number 1, I managed to creep myself out several times, I hate to think what number 2 villain is going to be like. Sometimes you have to wonder about the girls and the subconcious.

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