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Given that I’ve finished the revisions that my agent (!!) wants on Wolf, I’m now turning attention to the second book. I have the opening scene which I wrote a few weeks ago. Now I have to launch myself back into the story world. Which I’m quite looking forward to, I like my heroine, it’s fun to be in her head.

One of the first things I do when I start a book is put together a soundtrack. Sometimes it’s one cd, but usually, especially since I got my iPod, it’s a mix. Songs for mood, songs for particular characters or scenes, songs that just trigger something. The first batch of songs is pure instinct. I troll through my iTunes libary, letting the girls pick stuff. I know one song in particular has something to do with the central story line but some of the other choices are surprising. Different to book one. Which makes sense. They’re in a different place now. I’ll see how it writes, then add or subtract, move the order around if I need to. Then I’ll listen to it over and over. Till it becomes almost background noise but still gives me the feel I need.

Then I’ll have an instant way of plugging myself into the world whenever I need to. All I need is headphones and a little white gadget (we love Apple!). How cool is that?

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