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I’m working at home today. Because there’s meant to be an electrician coming. But apparently maybe now, that won’t happen. Sigh.

Why do I need an electrician you ask? Well, because while I was being an environmentally responsible homeowner and putting more low energy bulbs in my lights, one of the fittings broke. Not the outside easy bit but the inside, hold-the-bulb-in bit. So my cost saving measures will cost me about $100 to fix. I suspect, somehow, that the universe is laughing at me.

In other news, Hugh Jackman, Johnny Depp, Nathan Fillion et al failed to show up on my doorstep with buckets of red roses yesterday for Valentine’s Day. I’m sure they just got lost : ). Hope y’all out there are celebrating (or did celebrate for us Aussies) with your hottie of choice. For me, that was Hugh Laurie on House.

Off to the annual RWAustralia committee meeting this weekend, so blogging shall be scarce. I’ll be carting my Alphie to try and keep the pages ticking over. Have fun!

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