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I’ve been doing a BIAW this week with RWA. I don’t think I’m going to quite make the 10k I was aiming for but I’m telling myself that’s because of the second lot of notes from Miriam on Wolf that lobbed into my inbox on Saturday morning.

All very good notes and actually, very helpful with some of the book two stuff, but that was Saturday morning. Have lobbed them back and am now waiting to see. I guess if she’s happy we move on to the actual trying to sell bit. Which is a kind of strange concept when you’ve been working with category and doing all the submitting yourself. Someone else is now doing that for me. And not just any someone but a superior, savvy whiz of an agent, industry professional type. Yay!

Anyway, I think I’ll get to somewhere between 8-9k which has pushed me over the 50 page mark on number two. Still early days but enough is going on that I might actually have to sit down and do some sort of rough synopsis to try and figure some stuff out. I’m not a plotter but I do sometimes write a vague synopsis at some point (generally when I’m submitting something as an unfinished partial or to a comp which needs one). Like practically every writer on the planet I hate writing them but sometimes it does help sort some stuff out in brain. Of course, sometimes it doesn’t. And the book never quite turns out the same as the synopsis but that’s part of the fun.

Apart from that the weekend has been quiet. A friend’s housewarming bbq last night where it was actually COOL and a bit of treasurer stuff. Now I’m off to grocery shopping (oh my life, it’s a thrill ride) because tonight is McDreamy night and I must be all organised by 8.30.

And for those who don’t know who McDreamy is (I’m sure there are a few people on the planet who don’t, though I don’t know why ; ) ), here’s a taste. He’s kind of close to my idea of my hero in the Wolf books. Not quite but in the ballpark. And a pretty fine ball park it is.

And I think Nic had this pic on her blog originally, so obviously great minds think alike : )

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