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I finished reading Sunshine by Robin McKinley. It was fantastic. This copy came from the library but I shall be setting about obtaining my own version asap. I want to read it again, more slowly, after consuming it in big greedy gulps this time round.

It’s weird. It’s a book I’ve picked up several times in various bookstores and always put down again. The cover blurb doesn’t really give you a feel for the world which is a weird-but-it-works of magic and vampires and quasi post apocolyptic/vaguely steam punk. But I’m very glad I gave it a go. It’s happened to me a few times, the picking up, putting down then absolutely devouring when I finally get into it. Anne Bishop’s Dark Jewels trilogy was like that and Bujold’s Vorkosigan books. Both of them more due to covers more than cover blurbs. But I made up for lost time by quickly acquiring every thing they’d written. So I’m going to be on a hunt for more McKinley too. And the thing I like about all of them is a truly original take on the story they’re telling. The sorts of takes that makes you want to be that good.

Sadly the FAQs on Ms McKinley’s website says she won’t be writing a sequel until her Story Council comes up with the idea. Which makes me grumble and say ‘wah’ and mutter about having to respect people’s processes : ). So to RM’s Story Council I say “cough up the idea, pretty pretty please”, or even the idea for Sunshine’s cookery book because man, that book made me hungry…apart from the gory bits.

Even better, after I turned off my light far too late having finished reading, my own book started yammering away in my head, so I think something has shaken loose there. Yay and double yay. Haven’t had a lot of time to write today due to the ballet but am going to get stuck in tomorrow.

The ballet was good. Don Quixote. Light on the pretty prancing bits which are fairly pointless. The lead dancers did great even though, sob sob, we did not get to see Ethan. C’est la vie, I guess.

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