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It’s been a slow writing week. After finishing the scene that would not end last week and getting close to 60k, it seems the brain has decided it needs some ‘okay, what next and how the hell do we wrap up all these threads’ time. I sat down to write every night and either nothing happened or the universe intervened with people calling me.

Today is writing day but so far I’ve been to the chiro, bought part of a mother’s day pressie and done some housework given that the stuff seems to have piled up again. Effectively working two jobs, means the balancing act of getting everything done is tricky. It’s easy to keep four balls in the air – say writing, day job, exercise, eating right, but keeping five or six never seems to work. Either things get messy or I get sick.

Particularly if you want to have a teeny semblance of a life as well. I keep trying to convince the furry ones that if they live here and eat the free food provided, the least they could do would be to learn to carry stuff so they could pick up around here or let me tie a duster to their tail so they could scurry around and dust (seriously, that would be cool : ) ) but they, in the inimitable way of cats, are having none of it. So it’s just me, trying to keep all the balls in the air. I’m not someone who has to live in a perfectly spotless house – clean and messy is fine. To a point. Once that point is reached the mess starts to annoy me and I clean up only to start the whole process over again.

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