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Well, something worked overnight, I feel a LOT better today, despite the fact I don’t think I slept terribly well. I kept dreaming about people having babies…no idea what thats about but it wasn’t me having them, which is good : )

The cold is still there, lurking a little, but I no longer feel like a limp dishrag with a head stuffed full of cotton wool. In fact, I’ve had quite the productive day. I’ve finished the draft of my partial revision and sent it off to be looked at by wiser heads. It’ll get another polish before it goes off to Miriam in a few weeks. I’ve even done (ssssshhh) housework and gone for a walk. And the business cards are sorted and ordered.

Soon I’m going to the mall for a poke around Borders to see if anything takes my fancy and to pick up my tickets for Dallas!! Yay. Less than 7 weeks now (counting days? who, me?). Then I’ll come back and see whether the wolf might be ready to come out and play.

Happy Friday!

PS Anyone know why blogger isn’t emailing my posts to me? Anyone? Bueller? Confusion reigns.

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