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I always forget to do the Thursday Thirteen posts that some folks do. But tonight I remembered. So I figured I’d start with the good stuff:

Thirteen favourite men in books (no particular order):

1. Rupert Carsington
2. Gideon, Lord Carradice
3. Daemon Sadi
4. Japhrimel
5. Phin Tucker
6. Shan yos Galan
7. Daav yos Phelium
8. Miles Vorkosigan
9. Gilbert Blythe
10.John Knightley
11. Paul Schafer
12. James Fraser
13. Ammar ibn Khairan

Hey this is fun…how about a Thursday twenty-six?

Thirteen favourite celluloid men (again, no particular order):

1. Captain Jack Sparrow
2. Captain Malcolm Reynolds
3. Commander John Crichton
4. Spike
5. Russell Hammond
6. Mr Darcy (pick a version, any version)
7. Derek Shepherd
8. Crash Davis
9. David Addison
10. Josh Lyman
11. Johnny Castle
12. Will Turner (so sue me, I’m in the mood for pirates)
13. Han Solo

Er, so if I was to analyse that I’d say I like:
1. Captains and commanders
2. Pirates
3. Demons
4. Doctors
5. Scholars
6. Warriors
7. Musicians and dancers
8. Men who are smart, funny and sexy

If you can figure out who fits into what, then you probably like the same things I do …as a hint, some of ’em fit into more than one category!

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