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Yay, I made it to my 75k goal. I’ve written 35 pages this weekend, not bad considering Saturday was an Official Day Off. And more than I’ve written in the preceding two weeks, I think. I’ve cracked the magic 300, I know what has to happen in broad strokes for the rest of the book, so I’m hoping I might even finish it in the next week or two. I also have to do the final polish on my partial and rewrite the synopsis to get to Miriam.

Then I have to decide what to work on next…I’m thinking another Urban Fantasy. Not Wolf 3. Because I want to wait and see what happens with 1 before even polishing 2 terribly much. There’s too much likelihood of stuff changing in 1 if it sells to get too far down the track with 2 or 3 without causing a lot of rewriting for myself.

I have an idea, one that I played with a little a few years back before deciding to focus on the short contemps for a bit. Maybe I’ll take that out and dust it off and see where it goes. It’s slightly more futuristic UF so that could be fun. Or there’s the contemp island book or the one with the Pink-like heroine and a strait-laced hero who isn’t quite sure what’s hit him. I guess I’ll have to see what Miriam thinks. But yay, new worlds ahead. By the time I’m done with this draft of 2, I will have written over 200k in the Wolf world in 9 months, so something fresh might be just what the doctor ordered.

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