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I went to see HP 5 yesterday (interrupting my read and sleep post Dallas routine – I mean seriously, I know I didn’t get a lot of sleep in Dallas but this week I’ve been sleeping ridiculous amounts. Last night I slept about 8 hours with only a short 3am bout of wakefulness but then got up and had breakfast, went back to bed to finish reading a book and woke up again about fifteen minutes ago) and really enjoyed it. I’ve generally been someone who prefers the books to the movies as the movies have sacrificed too much plot (while looking great on the whole) but this one was a good balance.

So much so that I think I have to buy HP 7 today and read it when I was planning to wait a bit. So I’m trying to work out the best plan…most bookshops will be a bit mad today…I’m wondering if I should drive to my non-local Kmart instead…will report back.

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