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I’m slowly emerging from jetlag fog (hindered somewhat by day job brain drain and early mornings). Today I actually started taking a look at the book I’m sending to Blaze after landing a request at RWA. It’s amazing what a little distance from a book does. But despite the things I’m noticing that are making me what to smack myself in the head and yell “what were you thinking”, there’s a lot of good stuff here. Just needs a bit more of the old buff and polish to make it really good.

It’s a fun book with characters I really loved writing so I’m hoping I can get back into the swing of them and get through three chapter this weekend then get some opinions. I’d like to get this one off my plate before the RWAus conference. Which gives me two weeks. We shall see.

Then I can play with the new one and maybe…just maybe…think about taking a peek at Wolf 2. Which I think will be more a case of hacking and slashing with a heavy duty machete rather than buffing and polishing but oh well, that’s writing for you. At least I’m starting to hear the voices in the head again. They’ve been snoozing for a little while so I’m glad they’re back. And that line would get you men in little white coats in most other professions : )

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