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There’s nothing like having to do something unenjoyable writing-wise (like revisions that are slow and painful and no fun) to turn the muse into ADD child who wants to play with something else. So naturally I just had a dream about my wolf heroine. Initially I thought it was me so I was quite relieved when my brain said distinctly in the middle of the dream “oh, this is her” and then I could relax and pay attention. It wasn’t me dealing with the zombie. Excellent. I prefer not to battle zombies in my dreams, much less stressful when it’s somebody else and I’m just watching and thinking not helpful commentary.

Not sure what it has to do with my story, though. I don’t think there are zombies in that world. So maybe it was just a little ‘hello, I’m here’ waiting call. Bits of it felt very bookish. So maybe I have to work out whether the zombie is actually not a zombie. (and I just now thought what it could be. oh dear).

Repeat after me, I will finish my revisions, I will finish my revisions, I will not start Wolf 3 yet, I will finish my revisions.

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