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It started like this….aka Thursday night

Then Jenny Crusie gave a brilliant workshop which will hopefully help me whip Wolf 2 into some semblance of shape.

Then we progressed to this….aka Friday night (that’s me in black, Trish Morey in red)

Photo courtesy of the fabulous Fiona Lowe

Then there were wonderful keynotes and workshops on Saturday.

Then this (yay! and congrats to Rachel Robinson who won the category category of the same award)…aka Saturday night

Photo courtesy of the fabulous Keziah Hill

And then there was a brilliant workshop by Anne Stuart on writing dark contemporaries (Anne has been added to my official pantheon of writing goddesses).

Then there was the Cherry lunch on Sunday where Anne and Jenny were unanimously voted honourary Aussies and we tried to convince them they should move here and come to conference every year…

(from left to right: Erica, me, Jenny, Amy Andrews, Anne, Robyn and Roben)

And then, I decided to spend part of my winnings on a new toy…pwetty! (and yes, I need one, it means my big iPod will no longer risk life and limb when I exercise : )…which I need to do).

And now I’m home…luckily I’m doing an online course to stave off the post conference blues.

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