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So today the VT made a very amusing comment about how being a pantser sometimes feels like flying into the mists blindfolded with your head stuck in a turkey.

My brain, being in a quirky state, then decided that if Anubis is a god with the head of a jackal, then the god of pantsers must have the head of a turkey.

And then somehow, I would up with this (and I promise, no cold medication was involved – but you know, writers have brains that are strange at times ):

“And yea, we shall worship the Great Goddess “Letitsuk” and she shall deliver us from the darkest plot hole, the valley of wooden characters, the despair of cliches and the wandering in the mists until lo there is a draft, not yet the mightiest shining thing but a draft from which great things are made. A draft where she shall let us rest and succour us until we wander in her name once more to draw closer to the light of the great story.

The great Goddess hath the figure of a woman but the head of a Turkey of rich appearance. She has wings like the fires of creation that carry her into the mists, though yea, sometimes they do sputter and leave her still. Because she does not see through earthly eyes, she is attended by mysterious figures, who bear her forth. Their robes are many coloured but all are
known by her mark of “GITB”. The followers of Letitsuk are wise to ensure they do not cross or rile these mysterious ones but do ye treat them with respect as befits those who attend goddesses.

The ancient rites of Letitsuk are mysterious but she is most fond of those who open to her will. Her followers worship her by consumption of ground cocoa beans amixed with sugar and the holey DoNut and ancient cordials of kaffeen. She looks favourably on offerings of bravery and dedication, of images of comely men and by those who know the fruits of their fellow followers be they in paper, pictures both moving and still or music.”

See, I told you it was completely random! But hey, feel free to join in a new religion…it’s not really that much odder than the Flying Spaghetti Monster. And thank to the VT for the artwork : )

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