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Apparently, if you don’t go to pilates for *cough* weeks, you lose a bit of fitness. Who knew? Stupid muscles. Having vowed to halt my travel and flu inspired slippage off the fitness wagon, I took myself back to class today at lunchtime. On the plus side my back and neck are much happier than they were all weekend and I feel about an inch taller. On the minus side, the rest of me feels like I’ve been worked over by tap-dancing elephants wearing hobnailed boots.

If I had to guess how old I might be on my forthcoming birthday, based on my current level of aching muscles, I’d have to say about eighty six. Wah. And I haven’t even reached the 24 hour point where it’s usually worst. Unfortunately the only cure is more of the same. I’ll say it again. Stupid muscles.

In other news, I’ve started my first revision pass on Wolf 2. This is really just a spit and polish, get it into good enough shape that I can give it to a crit buddy to read. Fill in the gaps, reduce the talking-head factor. I’m not paying too much attention to structure yet, other than to try and form some rough impressions which hopefully the critiquer can confirm or deny. So far my most common note to myself is “more physical reaction”. Closely followed by “expression”. I did mention that I’m big on talking head first drafts? I’m hoping I can knock this pass over in a week. Then I’m going to play on something different.

The other negative about today was I finished my last new book. So now I either have to go to the library or hope that people think book vouchers make good presents for eight six year olds lol. In the meantime, I might just have to do some re-reading. I can probably manage to turn pages without it hurting too much.

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