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One day I will learn to remember that one of the things that helps with the seventh ball aka “getting the brain to chill the heck out” is actually doing some of the tasks, or parts of them, that are piling up on the mental to-do list. *headdesk* Somewhere out there my mother is smirking. Or rolling her eyes and saying “well, duh” or the motherly equivalent (is that perhaps “I told you so”? : ) ).

Virgo brains like achievement. I’m doing an online course with Margie Lawson at the moment and she talks about how important it is to have achievable to-do lists. How we all set our expectations of what we can achieve in any given time too high and set ourselves up for feeling frustrated. So we should focus on setting ourselves goals and tasks that we know we can achieve in a given time and set ourselves up for success. Achievement as positive reinforcement. For me, it works. Prioritise the goals, chunk ’em into tasks if you have to, be realistic, write the ones that you want to get done today down, do them. Tick them off. Feel relaxed. Feel like the balls are in the air at least. Avoid the guilt monster. Start again the next day.

Simple in theory but sometimes hard to remember in practice.

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