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I may have mentioned before that my girls in the basement can be slightly contrary. They want to play all over the place and don’t necessarily care about my views or plans.

Like today. Today I’m standing in the shower (a frequent book-puzzling-out location for most writers I’d guess) trying to figure out some stuff for the book when the girls started playing the song which I know goes with the last scene of Wolf 3 very loudly in my head (it’s still playing), and start my h/h from those books talking. Gah.

No! I have taken notes but I’m not writing Wolf 3 now. Though I’m thinking that my plan that next I’d revise Wolf 2 might be altering to write Wolf 3 and revise Wolf 2 at the same time. Because 3 is becoming more and more insistent in my head.

But no more werewolves until we sort out the witch and her boy and the demon. Into the fog once more for me. Maybe if I go back to Moby I can drown out this other song.

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