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Melbourne has turned on a lovely warm Easter Sunday (after three chilly days) and I have walked, napped, relaxed and just had a lovely 12 page scene fall out of my head onto the page. Which puts me offically over half way if this draft turns out to be my usual short 90k or so. It might even be less. Yay! Happy Easter!

Progress – Witch 1

New pages – Twelve
Intriguing things – The right world feeling. Finally. Clues that the new idea for what happens is more like it.
Annoyances – Not sure where exactly this scene fits.
Music – Delerium – Lamentation (iPod) & Monuments of Deceit (headphones at the desk)
Linear/Non-linear – Non.
Location – Alphie on the bed for most of it. Then a bit att the desk. Scrivener. Full screen.
Taking care of Mel – Meditation. Walkies.
Muse food – Off to see The Other Boleyn Girl tonight.

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