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So this afternoon I settled down to read some of Wolf 2 and go over my notes from the last pass on structural stuff. Which was fine. Then I did the Sunday afternoon read for a bit and meditate. Of course, the girls being contrary beasts suddenly decided that maybe, just maybe, they could stop sulking about Steamy Weather. I got some scene snippets and some additions to the soundtrack and a collage.

Not sure where this fits in the grand plan but I’m going to go along with it for now and see how far I get and will do some Wolf 2 thinking/revising at the same time. It will be interesting swinging backwards and forwards between two completely different books and genres but I’ll see how it goes.

I’m not planning to talk much about SW in case I voodoo myself, even though keeping the metrics worked well for Witch. I liked seeing the stats each day. I find it motivating to record them, like page counts. It’s my Virgo side I guess. All statistical and analytical. So I’ll keep some stats and report occasionally but probably not as much as Witch. Who knows, I could wake up tomorrow and the girls will retreat into sulking again but let’s hope not, I was having great fun with it when it was flowing well.

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