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I’ve never liked porridge. Not sure why, but something about the gloopy texture always put me off as a kid. Give me cold cereal all the way. Or toast and vegemite. Or yoghurt mostly since I’ve been working.

But with the whole crazy diet and the waking up early comes eating breakfast at home and I’ve been getting sick of toast with cashew butter or natural yoghurt with fruit. So when I heard someone talking about making porridge with fruit, I thought to myself, self, that sounds like hot bircher muesli, kind of. You like bircher muesli. So this morning I made porridge then zapped some apple and cinnamon in the microwave so it was lightly cooked and combined the two with a spoon of yoghurt. And it wasn’t too bad. Quite nice in fact on this cold morning. Definitely filling. I’m sure it will be even nicer when I can make it with milk (yes, I can have natural yoghurt but not milk, don’t ask) not water and maybe, shock horror, add some honey or brown sugar.

Porridge. Huh, who knew?

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