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Can someone please explain to me why this darn book, which insisted on a long and arduous hunt for witchy demon techno music and was very picky about what it would accept in the course of said long arduous soundtrack hunt, suddenly insists on nothing but Dixie Chicks?

Colour me puzzled. But I don’t argue, I just hit repeat on the iPod. And avoid the weird looks at work when I start humming The Bitter End.

In other news, despite its whiplash musical morphings, I’m so far quite liking what I’m reading and the revision process is moving along and has not yet (touch wood and all other anti-jinxing materials known to man) degenerated back into sucking.

Random objects of lust this week:

The return of the Time Phwoarrr! (Yay, ABC).

And also this

Want, want, want. Precioussssssss.

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