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Well the week has sped by in a blur of “you were sick last week and missed work and now you have even MORE work to do” at the day job and the inevitable, “yes I was sick last week and pushing it this week will make me sick again” dragging out the virus thing. Lots of early nights to try and get enough sleep given it’s been cough central.

Lots of thinking about the books but not much writing. I need to get the first act of Wolf 2 moving a bit faster and have the antag more active. I have an idea about that but will mean re-writing a chunk. So there may be much writer hermit Mel going on while we figure this stuff out. Having never attempted book 2 in a series before (I’ve written short contemps with characters that appeared in other wips but that’s a whole stand alone plot and everything in the other book was always pretty much wrapped up apart from the tension between the new couple for book two) it’s a bit of a learning curve to get the pace and balance of new threads/old threads/what’s happening/what’s happened/what will happen right.

So before being hermit Mel, we went on an excursion to see the Art Deco exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria which was fabulous. Full of beautiful things. I love a lot of Art Deco stuff (and they had some truly beautiful ’30’s evening gowns and jewellery). So it was a feast for the eyes. If you’re in Melbourne and like Art Deco, it’s only on for another week but is well worth a visit.

But the girls kind of latched onto this:

The one I saw today was a little different, bronze not black and you couldn’t see the face so much (maybe it was turned around) but it was all sleek and intriguing and the little pointy ears are otherwordly and the girls went “oooh”. It’s called ‘Departing Night’. Which is a muse jumpstarting phrase if ever I heard one. So a little excursion out of the ordinary was well worth it. Unintentional artist dates are good. Note to self: Please remember this.

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