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I’m trying to decide whether or not to keep watching a new TV show, Rush (Aussie show, so sorry for the US readers, about a police tactical response team). It’s been on for maybe two months and I was enjoying it though leaning towards “the writers pull their punches”. (Mel’s theory of movie/tv writing…some shows always take you up to the edge of the cliff then you get the easy out somehow and everything works out. Some shows leap off and pull you after them (sometimes screaming because sometimes throwing a punch means a swing and a miss). I prefer the latter even though they’re fairly few and far between. and I can still quite enjoy a not so punchy show. To be fair, some of my punch pulling impression might’ve been down to bad promo-ing that is cut to promise something more wildly dramatic or exciting or scary or whatever than the actual show. Though there was the “character is diagnosed with exposure to almost always fatal disease then next week is fine” incident.

Still, it’s been a solid show with some very nice eye candy and good acting and there were two characters involved in an affair which was enough to suck the romance writer in me in. Then last week, possibly in the interests of trying not to pull punches, they killed off one of the two lovers. She confessed the affair to her hubby then died. To me, this isn’t going for the punch, it’s going for the easy out. The ramifications of the affair and the confession on the team, the marriage and the partnership are more interesting to me than “oh woe, she is dead” being used as an excuse for the guy, who’s a bit of a loose cannon, to go dark and even more cannon-y which would seem to be the likely fall-out. They took the safe road and broke up my romance, and I kind of feel like it’s just that bit too far for the inner writer to not sit there feeling cranky while watching. I’m going to tape tonight and see how I feel but I’m thinking they’ve lost me. Boo.

I’m not watching much TV at the moment. Life and House (though I still wish they’d ditch the new team on House and have more Cameron and Chase) and Criminal Minds. Tried the Mentalist but it didn’t grab me. Simon Baker was good but for me, the character is out of whack with his very dark backstory. Too wacky and it doesn’t come off as denial whacky, just whacky whacky. YMMV. Don’t get me started on the Australian Top Gear (bring back James and Richard and Jeremy…NOW!!!). I was enjoying Fringe but in true Australian sci-fi/paranormal TV fashion it has vanished for the moment. Grey’s isn’t on (typical, the one show they don’t fast track from the US is my fave escapism show), no-one seems to be ponying up with the first half of Battlestar or the new season of Torchwood. I can see some DVD purchases in the very near future…

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