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I’m heading down to spend New Year’s at the beach. Which means, in true Melbourne weather form, that unlike last year when New Year’s was a roasting hot 42, this year it’s more like 22. Still, I like the beach in any weather and can’t sunbake anyway due to my pale anglo/celtic skin, so all will be good.

For the third year in a row (crikey, where has three years gone?) I’m rounding up with my post on what I’ve read this year. My list of read for the first time is sitting at around 140, I think, which is, as I expected less than last year. But I know I’ve been doing a lot of re-reading this year, particularly in the last few months, so I’d imagine I’m still around 300 books for the year. I’m fairly sure I’ve missed some in the list along the way but oh well.

Favourite books this year, in no particular order:

The Lost Recipe for Happiness – Barbara O’Neal Just read this last night (staying up way too late for someone who has a three or so hour drive ahead of her) and it was great. And made me very hungry!

The Graveyard Book – Neil Gaiman – and the videos of him reading it that are around are pretty good too, he’s a great reader with a lovely voice.

Wicked Lovely – Melissa Marr, lovely, lush, dark YA that wasn’t what I’d expected.

The Spymaster’s Lady – Jo Bourne became an instant favourite with this. Fabulous historical. And pretty good writing advice, too.

Private Arrangements – Sherry Thomas. Another wonderful, different historical debut.

Taken by the Bad Boy – Kelly Hunter. Wonderful funny sexy emotional romance as usual.

Silent in the Grave/Silent in the Sanctuary – Deanna Raybourn. It was a very good year for historical debuts. Gorgeous victoria historical suspense with a romance thread that will keep this little black duck coming back for more.

Mirabile – Janet Kagan. Who sadly passed away this year and did not write enough books before she did so. This and Hellspark (one of my faves last year I think) are both great books.

Dragonhaven – Robin McKinley. While we really want the sequel to Sunshine, everything else she writes is pretty damn good.

Old Man’s War – John Scalzi. Yes, I’m late to the party but this was great SF space opera and I quickly glommed the other books in the series.

A Companion to Wolves – Sarah Monette and Elizabeth Bear. Because if you combine two great writers, the result has to be pretty good and pretty thought provoking given the two writers you are combining.

The Mirador – Sarah Monette. This series rocks and I’m eagerly awaiting the final instalment.

The Name of the Wind – Patrick Rothfuss. Another great debut, this time in the epic fantasy mode. More please.

Iron Kissed – Patricia Briggs. The Mercy books keep getting better.

To Hell and Back – Lilith Saintcrow. She pushes her characters to the edge but this was a great finale to one of my favourite series of recent years.

Emergence/Tracking – David R Palmer. Because they’re hilarious.

The Perils of Pleasure – Julie Anne Long. For Colin. And his ballad.

Most re-read book this year: Sunshine by Robin McKinley. I will confess to being kind of addicted to this book. I’ve read it at least five times this year and it is definitely a favourite comfort read. I’ve already bought another copy because my existing one is getting very well-worn.

Other favourite re-read authors this year (I can’t tell you how many times or which books in particular as in most cases I go on binges and re-read whole series or chunks of series or re-read more than once):

Jennifer Crusie
Terry Pratchett
Lois McMaster Bujold
Nora Roberts
JD Robb
Jacqueline Carey
Anne Bishop
Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
Guy Gavriel Kay
Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Kelly Hunter
Jane Austen
Patricia Briggs
Robin McKinley
Tara Janzen
Barbara Samuel
Lilith Saintcrow
Eloisa James
Julie Anne Long
Anne Stuart

And for the full list of books read for the first time this year go here.

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