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Because Barbara asked…

Not in order, but here goes.

1. The Joshua Tree – U2, I was late to the U2 party but adore this album for the emotion and uplifting-ness.

2. Melissa Etheridge – Melissa Etheridge – High school angry chick music

3. Gordon – Bare Naked Ladies, Long drives and giggly nights with a good friend who lives far away.

4. Waterloo – ABBA, singing in the car with my parents from a very young age and probably responsible for my enduring love of ABBA. I have heard this album approximately 3 zillion times.

5. Whispering Jack – John Farnham, John Farnham is a large part of the soundtrack of my last few years of high school. Happy music.

6. Stones in the Road – Mary Chapin Carpenter, wonderful storytelling and probably started my dabbling in country.

7. Sunday Morning to Saturday Night – Matraca Berg, soundtrack of one of my books and I still love it.

8. Achtung Baby – U2, my other favourite U2 album, tied up with memories of queuing to midnight to buy it with a particular boy.

9. These Here Are Crazy Times – Boom Crash Opera, BCO were a big part of the early uni year soundtrack.

10. The Last of the Mohicans soundtrack – Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman. One of the first movie soundtracks I fell in love with. Great sweeping romantic music.

11. The Getaway – Chris de Burgh, blame this one on my mum but he’s a great storyteller even if he’s not cool.

12. Everyone else is doing it, so why can’t we – The Cranberries, more uni music and one of my enduring heartbreak songs

13. The Long Way Home – The Dixie Chicks, another book soundtrack and all round cool kick butt gals album.

14. Listen Without Prejudice – George Michael, has some songs I adore and others I don’t but the adored ones win

15. 1200 Curfews – Indigo Girls, beautiful voices

16. Pirates of the Carribean – At World’s End, probably current favourite movie soundtrack, and more book music that’s sheerly beautiful.

17. Play – Moby, memories of my former housemates and early twenties

18. Rent – The Soundtrack, quite possibly my favourite musical. Not the first one I fell in love with but one that stays near the top of the list.

19. The Ego Has Landed – Robbie Williams, because Robbie Williams live is sex on legs, the IT factor personified and on CD he ain’t half bad either. Plus Let Me Entertain you is another hero theme song.

20. The Rocky Horror Picture Show – The original movie soundtrack. One of my other favourite musicals. Tim Curry. Schlocky rock sci fi music. What more do you need?

Man, it’s hard to pick just 20, other candidates would be Dido, Chris Isaak, Lisa Gerrard, Adam Hurst and well, I could go on and on but it would probably get embarrassing : )

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