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The conference portion of the proceedings is over and a wonderful time was had by all. Why do conferences always go so fast?

Anne Gracie demonstrated that apparently the secret to winning a RBY is to kill a puppy (at least fictionally, that is). Mary Jo Putney was great at the Friday workshop and in her other two sessions and I survived my first panel experience at the Blogs and Blogging session (so hello to anyone checking out my blog post conference and sorry it’s a bit boring right now!). And I am now immortalised in the minds of many as Anne Gracie’s flunky. Given I was already a Valerie Parv minion I’m thinking something isn’t quite right…I need some slaves of my own…preferably of the cute cabana boy variety. Though I don’t actually have a pool. Maybe he can be a cute butler?

I demonstrated a spectacular lack of ability to remember that I had brought my camera with me and so far have managed to take no photos at all, not even the traditional Keri and I at conference, so you’ll just have to imagine us looking glamourous. I’ll try and do better during the scenic part of the trip!

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