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Reporting in (which I forgot to do last night but I was distracted by the interesting vocal talents of the band playing at a neighbours party and Iron Man).

So far we have stuck to the plan, so go me. Exercise wise yesterday I did my last c25k run for the week on the elliptical and today I did Cardio Coach on the elliptical and then in a fit of sunshine inspired craziness, went for a swim too. So go me lol. Am officially starving though and ready for a big dinner which is next on the to-do list. Have met my page goal each day too. I think I deserve pancakes tomorrow so will head on over to the VT’s cafe and try theirs.

Progress – Holly

New pages 11 today and 13 yesterday
Intriguing things – Reluctant knights
Annoyances – Not many.
Linear/non-linear – Linear
Music – Soundtrack
Location – Write or Die and Think yesterday. Word and Think and Write and Die and Think today.
Taking care of Mel – Swimming! Running. Salad galore.
Muse food – Robert Downey Jr. Though he’s more muse food for the next book…

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